CrossAmerica Advisors

CrossAmerica Advisors is an essential real estate and business instrument for helping agents, buyers, and sellers across the United States in the pursuit for commercial real estate success. It is our goal to help agents, buyers, and sellers alike achieve their business dreams by providing a platform with access to commercial properties needed to start, sell, or discover a franchise to own throughout the United States.

At CrossAmerica Advisors, we help agents, buyers, and sellers by providing access to a variety of properties for sale including hotels, gas stations, multifamily units, and retail. Whether the goal is to capitalize on profits from rental properties or currently owned business, we can help to secure some of the finest new opportunities across the United States.

Serving as a resource for buyers looking for opportunities and property owners and agents that are interested in listing their latest properties online, our pages are constantly being updated every day with new listings for convenience stores, liquor stores, shopping centers and more.

CrossAmerica Advisors can work to change the way that people would traditionally invest in businesses and properties for sale throughout the United States. Within a few clicks, you can list your own property or find the latest in real estate listing opportunities across the USA in our directory.

Take advantage of our advanced sorting tool to narrow down your search to find the perfect listing criteria for you. In just a few moments you can easily filter through search results by area, industry, property type and more.

CrossAmerica Advisors, is committed to providing a functional service that will help forge new paths in American investment and help to ensure the success of agents, property owners, and buyers.

Contact us today to learn more about the properties that we have in our listings or how you can list your property with us.

What we do

Listing Services

Free Online Commercial Real Estate Portal with user friendly interface.

Open and Free Network

Connect Buyers, Sellers and Agents on a free network to achieve their American Dreams.

Support and Consultancy

Support and guide you to get the best commercial properties in North America and also getting the best finance options through the most trusted financial institutes.

Why Choose Us?

We guide and educate on how to choose, finalize and buy commercial properties in North America. How to get financial aid and fulfil your dreams of owning and dealing with commercial properties.

We’re committed to staying agile, flexible and adaptable for your business. And we’re more service-led than process-based, prepared to think beyond established industry practices.

From small companies to major multinationals, we help your business succeed, plan for the future with confidence and keep operating despite business disruption.

We add value beyond policy “terms and conditions,” partnering with you and sharing information above and beyond risk protection for a premium. We work with brokers to build a consultative approach to solving complex financial needs, flexible and transparent solutions.

We get the North American Commercial Real Estate to the Asian and other communities helping people to understand and deal with the buying and selling of commercial properties in USA and Canada.